Senior Developer

Remote (Canada)

We’re looking for a Senior Developer who values user experience, performance and accessibility. Through our enduring interest in how people use our products, Fluorescent embraces a model of software development that is iterative and gradual. Like high-performance engines or Grandma’s cooking, our products are built through a process of continuous refinement (usually on two week release cycles). We’re looking for someone who is comfortable embodying this approach.

We offer a competitive salary, four weeks vacation, remote work, and an opportunity to get in on the ground floor. Getting in on the ground floor means that you're going to have an impact on the way the company works. It also means that there won't be guidelines and that processes will occasionally be vague and ambiguous. If you're someone who needs a straightforward process to follow, this role might not be for you.

A number of our team members have opted to work a four-day work week. If you’d like a four-day work week and you’re the right candidate, we’re happy to discuss it.

The starting salary for this full-time position is $90,000 - $115,000/year.

About the Role

As a Senior Developer with Fluorescent, you’ll be working on improving and refining our collection of Shopify themes. Our catalogue of products is small, so you’ll have time to get to know each of them well, to take ownership, and to have a lasting impact. You’ll be developing new features, iterating on old ones, writing tests, fixing bugs, improving processes, prioritizing issues etc. This is a collaborative team and you’ll have the opportunity to mentor junior team members and consult on our overall technical direction.

In the first three months, you'll:

  • Onboard to our tech stack, release cycle and product roadmap
  • Contribute to our codebase, writing readable, performant code
  • Deploy your contributions to production
  • Assist in QA and testing of new and existing features
  • Actively contribute to product planning sessions with the team

In the first 12 months, you'll:

  • Deliver major features and technical projects from start to finish
  • Contribute to our standards of technical development
  • Collaborate with your team on project planning
  • Experiment with creative solutions and new technologies to create exceptional themes
  • Work closely with the rest of the development team to guarantee a high-quality product

Relevant Skills & Technical Knowledge

Shopify themes are a mixture of HTML, CSS, Javascript and the Liquid templating language. We use Git for version control. We use Figma for design.

Prior experience in theme development and familiarity with Ecommerce is an asset, but not a requirement.

About you

You are someone who cares about doing great work and wants to improve your craft over time. For us, this doesn’t mean spending every spare minute hacking on side projects, but means that you bring a desire to learn and improve your skills as a software developer.

You are able to manage your own time and prioritize the work that needs to be done. We’re here to support you, but being a part of a remote team means that we trust you to take ownership of your work and see your projects through to completion.

You recognize the importance of design and enjoy working with designers to make products look, feel and work better. You enjoy refining the details because you understand that they add up to something greater.

You have a few years (minimum three years) experience working as a professional Developer, and are looking for a culture of continuous improvement. This role is best suited for someone with at least one year of experience working as a Senior Developer. Leadership or management experience is a big plus.

Diversity and Inclusion

At Fluorescent, we believe that a diverse, inclusive company is a strong company. We encourage Indigenous people, women, people of colour, people with disabilities, members of LGBTQ+ community, and other under-represented groups to apply.

If you don’t meet all of our requirements exactly or have taken a non-traditional professional path we still want to hear from you! Use your cover letter to tell us about your unique experience – we understand that talent comes from many places and that skills are transferable.

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