Machine Learning / Computer Vision Engineer

AutoMetricsAnywhere Canada7 days ago

The Opportunity

AutoMetrics is excited to bring on a Computer Vision Engineer to our growing team and contribute to our next growth phase! As a Computer Vision Engineer you will be developing highly innovative computer vision and signal processing modules for automated and real-time inspection in a variety of manufacturing setups as well as predictive components for automated process control. In this position, you will be part of our machine learning and AI team that develops scalable modules to be integrated into an advanced system of hardware and IoT. You will also make sure developments resonate with the company’s product development plans and business objectives.

You have expertise in managing a machine learning product from the data collection planning point up to optimizing and containerizing for deployment as well as an extensive grasp of classic computer vision methods and libraries. Specific applications may include feature detection, real-time analytics, image enhancement/registry, predictive maintenance, and 3D vision. Majority of the developments will be python-based, however expertise or knowledge of C++ may be required for our scale-up plans.


  • Take the lead on a variety of projects: data collection, analysis, algorithm design, and scale-up
  • Implement/deploy state-of-the-art ML models for image registration, feature detection, classification, prediction, and stereo
  • Develop and scale our data-driven systems; expertise in system optimization and performance enhancement via advanced methods such as quantization
  • Proactively contribute to and implements continuous improvement initiatives
  • Produce task lists to breakdown project assignments into appropriate levels of detail
  • Produce required technical reports and documentation


  • Bachelor's degree in Mechatronics, Computer Science or Data Science
  • At least one year of experience in deep learning as well as image processing and classic computer vision methods and tools in a production-level setup
  • Proficiency in deep model deployment and edge applications and containerizing specifically Docker
  • Experience using OpenCV and TensorFlow suite
  • Proficiency in Python and/or C++, and ability to write scalable codes
  • Previous experience with robotic systems and vision is considered an asset

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