SuperNatural Studios
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About SuperNatural Studios

We’re SuperNatural.

We build games with one goal: creating something unexpectedly amazing, for everyone to enjoy.

At the moment, we’re making a game that has us buzzing. It’s fresh and feeds our obsession with creating original work that’s fun in surprising ways.

We work as a team committed to letting unrestricted curiosity guide our creations. We question, rethink, and explore everything and anything together. This is why we require that we all have a voice in the work and we all welcome creative tension to discover what no one person can see alone.

We’re a group of veteran game developers with a respectable list of 90+ titles in the library and a handful of Bests in the trophy case. We value things like mentoring opportunities over dictating ideas, putting curiosity above experience, and deepening experiences with diversity over uniformity.

Vancouver, BC