ChatterHigh Communications Inc


ChatterHigh is a small ed-tech company located in Victoria, B.C. Our award-winning, research-proven digital platform engages and assesses learners in grades 6-12 with important online information and resources through a fun, gamified activity. Students across North America map out post-secondary and career interests and build awareness of financial literacy, mental health, work safety, and more. Our mission is to help students make mindful decisions to build their futures. Teachers use ChatterHigh in career and personal health classrooms across Canada and the U.S. to engage and inform students with career and post-secondary exploration, mental health awareness, and more. Our partners, such as government agencies, career institutes, and post-secondary institutions, use our platform to share important career, post-secondary, and health information with the middle and high school community. Partners sponsor competitions where students compete to win prizes for themselves and their schools.