Arbutus Medical Inc.
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About Arbutus Medical Inc.

There are five billion people without access to safe surgery. Access to safe, affordable surgical equipment is a major barrier to care, and that needs to change!

Arbutus Medical is on a mission toward safe surgery for all. We simplify orthopaedic surgical devices to help hospitals manage rising costs, and to improve access to care for patients worldwide.

We founded Arbutus Medical in 2014, launched our flagship DrillCover platform in 2016, and since then we have shipped enough products to enable orthopaedic surgery for over 50,000 patients, in over 30 countries. We have expanded our lines of business to serve hospitals and NGOs around the world, including Trauma Centers in North America and military field medicine teams helping save lives and limbs in conflict zones. Animals also require access to safe surgery, and our surgical products have enabled veterinarians to treat more than 27,000 animal patients.

Our big hairy audacious goal: develop products that help treat 5 million patients by 2030. 

Arbutus Medical is a licensed ISO13485 medical device manufacturer, with Health Canada and FDA listings for three product systems and over 50 sellable products. We believe in keeping things simple, continuous improvement, and triple-bottom line business practices.

Vancouver, British Columbia
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