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Optix www.optixapp.com

Optix is a technology platform that enables clients to manage flexible workplaces. With clients in 25+ countries, we craft beautiful apps that put workers at the center of the workplace experience. Our customers are flexible space operators, and we empower them with tech that simplifies day-to-day operations of their businesses.

Shift tryshift.com

Shift, a Redbrick portfolio company, is the browser for work, built to help customers optimize their workflow, and collaborate, with focus, and purpose. We believe that managing it all, and getting work done should be simple and intuitive.

PureWeb www.pureweb.com

We’re unleashing interactive 3D applications to any device, anywhere in the world.When we started doing this fifteen years ago, we were laser focused on healthcare and helping doctors securely share 3D medical images.We’ve since expanded our scope to other industries, like automotive, manufacturing, AEC, and more, but we’re incredibly grateful for where we started.Serving the healthcare industry fused important traits into our company’s DNA: respect for high quality 3D graphics, a commitment to data security, and a focus on creating a globally reliable and accessible streaming service. The result is a rigorously tried and tested distribution platform designed to help companies across industries collaborate, publish, and engage global audiences with their interactive 3D applications.We’re entering a new stage of enterprise streaming technology, where realistic, immersive, and interactive experiences will take center stage - in e-commerce, in online learning, in customer support, and beyond. The worlds of high-fidelity 3D graphics and cloud computing are colliding, and we’re building the tools to help today’s creators and innovators make the most of it.

Remedy Brands
Remedy Brands www.riversol.com
OVOU ovou.com

OVOU empowers professionals to make better in-person connections. As a connection company, we are building tools for modern professionals to enhance their networking experience and help them build better connections.

Mainframe Studios
Mainframe Studios www.mainframe.ca

Originally founded as Mainframe Entertainment, we operated under the name Rainmaker Entertainment for over a decade, but we’ve now returned to our roots.Founded in 1993, Mainframe created the very first fully-CG TV series, ReBoot. Since then, we’ve produced more than 1000 half-hours of TV, over 60 feature-length projects, and two theatrical feature films. We’ve been innovators and creators since day one, and have partnered with some of the biggest names in the business. Our creative-driven approach marries seamlessly with our rock-solid production processes, allowing us to deliver great storytelling that’s on-time and on-budget. In 2017, Rainmaker Entertainment joined forces with Fred Seibert’s Frederator Networks, one of the most innovative entertainment companies in the world, to form WOW! Unlimited Media Inc. Mainframe Studios is a division of WOW! Unlimited Media Inc. 

Omicron omicronaec.com

Omicron offers full development, design and construction services to maximize value for our clients. With all professionals under one roof, we compete more effectively in a market that expects immediate turnaround and maximum efficiency. The benefits are enhanced by how we leverage a host of technologies in all our projects.

Prenuvo www.prenuvo.com

Prenuvo is a fast growing health tech company specializing in whole body diagnostic imaging.In an era of reactive and fragmented health screening, Prenuvo is rooted in early detection through cutting-edge imaging technology. Our technology brings together comprehensive scans, AI-augmented analysis, and protocols that have been honed over years of research and practice. Together, Prenuvo’s scans offer unparalleled diagnostic accuracy for you and your doctor.We empower people to make informed decisions about their health by putting comprehensive, consistent, and detailed scans in your hands. Simply put, we offer you a window into your own body.Prenuvo is one of the first scans to use artificial intelligence to build consistent, reliable, and standardized reports for the radiologists interpreting your scans.We provide faster, easier access to the clinically-significant insights needed to make more informed health decisions. We do it to help people live longer, better, healthier lives. A more comprehensive picture of your body enables you to feel empowered and advocate for yourself.

Plurilock Security, Inc.
Plurilock Security, Inc. plurilock.com

Plurilock is a real-time cybersecurity solution that uses artificial intelligence to identify, prevent, and eliminate insider threats, securing the enterprise and ensuring compliance with requirements in financial, healthcare, and federal organizations.Our flagship advanced authentication products are Plurilock ADAPT for login MFA and Plurilock DEFEND for continuous authentication. Using behavioral, environmental, and contextual signals, Plurilock invisibly authenticates users without added friction. Our solutions provide advanced authentication for enterprises to detect and prevent cyber-attacks before they occur.

Mealshare www.mealshare.ca
Semios semios.com

We’re using technology to help growers of permanent crops to predict, identify, and reduce the impacts of pests, disease, and weather events. By applying big data analytics and machine learning to microclimate data gathered from our wireless IoT network of in-orchard sensors, we’re helping growers mitigate their risks and make data-driven decisions.At Semios we envision a world where food production is more sustainable. By using pheromones to disrupt normal mating patterns of crop-damaging pests, we help reduce the dependency on harmful chemical pesticides. With our platform, we help growers produce higher yields and higher quality harvests.

bioLytical Laboratories Inc.
bioLytical Laboratories Inc. biolytical.com

Creating New Opportunities to Test.bioLytical® Laboratories Inc. based in Richmond, BC, Canada is a privately-owned Canadian Company federally incorporated in 2002. bioLytical empowers clinicians and the public to make informed health decisions, faster. Combining made-in-Canada quality with a global focus, bioLytical is a leader in the field of rapid in vitro medical diagnostics.Its range of one-minute INSTI® tests provide instant, accurate results for infectious diseases including COVID-19, HIV, Hepatitis C (HCV) and Syphilis among others.

Daanaa Resolution
Daanaa Resolution www.daanaa.com

Daanaa is an exciting tech IC company that has developed a novel chip-based near-field wireless power transfer system. We are integrating the system into solar panels where we will significantly increase solar power output for residential systems. And we’re not stopping there… solar power is only one of the technology applications we will be pursuing. Daanaa’s brand-new, non-inductive chip-based technology transfers energy freely, safely, and efficiently, from 1W up to 10kW. It is designed to integrate with existing technologies and hardware to reduce costs, complexity, and power losses, including the elimination of wires, cables, and connectors. Features include near-field spatial freedom, direct integration, one-to-many scalable power (1W-10KW), bi-directional power transfer, and parallel data transfer, through materials such as wood, concrete, and plastic. When you work at Daanaa, you work within a culture that is:Values-driven: We live by our values and foster an environment based in curiosity, hunger, accountability, and trust.Successful through collaboration: We work in a creative, challenging, and educational environment where everyone’s contributions are recognized.Focused on empowering you: As Daanaa grows, we’re dedicated to empowering our team to share their expertise and make decisions.Dedicated to your career growth: We strengthen our team through professional growth, mentorship, and advancement opportunities.

BC College of Nursing & Midwives
BC College of Nursing & Midwives www.bccnm.ca

Who we areWe're the BC College of Nurses and Midwives (BCCNM). As a health regulator, our legal obligation is to protect the public through the regulation of five distinct professions — licensed practical nurses, midwives, nurse practitioners, registered nurses, and registered psychiatric nurses. Regulation helps protect the public by ensuring registrants provide care that is safe, competent, ethical, and meets the standards the college sets.We exist to ensure unshakeable confidence in nursing and midwifery care. We nurture confident practitioners, armed with a clear understanding of their scope and standards. And through this, we honour the trust that the public puts in our hands. We aspire to create unwavering confidence in their every interaction. 

FORM www.formswim.com

Swimming is one of the world’s biggest sports, but it doesn’t always feel that way. So much innovation happens elsewhere, in other sports, leaving swimmers wishing for more. FORM is here to change that.

Pangaea Ventures
Pangaea Ventures www.pangaeaventures.com

Pangaea Ventures is an impact venture capital fund investing in hard tech companies that are helping solve the world's most fundamental problems.

Fluevog Shoes
Fluevog Shoes www.fluevog.com

“There are two kinds of people: those who shy awayfrom attention, and those who wear Fluevogs.”John Fluevog is an independent designer and retailer of forward-thinkingfootwear and accessories. Since 1970, he has been steadfast in creating ‘unique soles for unique souls’ that have been seen everywhere from the feet of Madonna, Beyoncé, Lady Gaga and Jack White to the runways of high fashion. John was recently recognized as The Canadian Footwear Industry’s Shoe Person of the Year (but it hasn’t gone to his head) and Fluevog Shoes was named one of the world’s most innovative companies in the fashion industry by FastCompany magazine.Whether it sticks in your mind as Foofarg or Vlueflag, Fluevog is a name usually mispronounced, but seldom forgotten.

SuperNatural Studios
SuperNatural Studios supernaturalstudios.com

We’re SuperNatural.We build games with one goal: creating something unexpectedly amazing, for everyone to enjoy.At the moment, we’re making a game that has us buzzing. It’s fresh and feeds our obsession with creating original work that’s fun in surprising ways.We work as a team committed to letting unrestricted curiosity guide our creations. We question, rethink, and explore everything and anything together. This is why we require that we all have a voice in the work and we all welcome creative tension to discover what no one person can see alone.We’re a group of veteran game developers with a respectable list of 90+ titles in the library and a handful of Bests in the trophy case. We value things like mentoring opportunities over dictating ideas, putting curiosity above experience, and deepening experiences with diversity over uniformity.

The New York Times
The New York Times www.nytco.com

The New York Times is dedicated to helping people understand the world through on-the-ground, expert, and deeply reported independent journalism. This mission is rooted in our belief that great journalism has the power to make each reader’s life richer and more fulfilling, and all of society stronger and more just.Times journalism is in amazing form, and audiences have been flocking to our authoritative coverage. Our journalists report from the ground in more than 150 countries, often at great personal risk. Our talented business-side colleagues help serve their reporting to more than seven million subscribers across multiple platforms.As we work to reach our goal of 10 million subscribers by 2025, we also need to transform into a world-class technology and product company. To continue supporting our strategy of creating journalism that stands apart, along with innovative products and services to bring the news to the world, we must recruit the finest journalists and hire many of the field’s most creative, distinguished technologists.

Bucketlist Rewards
Bucketlist Rewards bucketlistrewards.com

Bucketlist Rewards is a cloud-based web platform that allows businesses to introduce a recognition and rewards program to its workforce. Our platform is used to recognize outstanding performance and reward staff in a meaningful way, whether that’s a day off, learning a new language, or taking a yoga class with friends.We work with organizations like Chick-fil-A, Orlando Magic, RBC Bank, and more.If you enjoy improving your skills, driving growth in a startup-style environment, and working in a culture that loves creativity, experimentation, and innovation, then this will be a great place for you!

Spare sparelabs.com

Spare Labs Inc.What We're BuildingSpare is on a mission to accelerate the shift towards efficient and autonomous mobility by enabling anyone to plan, launch, scale, and analyze a smart transport network in seconds. We’re cultivating a net-positive impact in cities by deploying the technology for the next generation of public transport: on-demand microtransit.Whether that’s with the largest on-demand transport service integrated into a multi-modal network in North America, the first last-mile/first-mile on-demand service in Japan, or a pandemic-ready network that adapts to any demand scenario in Spain, our platform is powering shared modes of transport globally.What’s it like to work at SpareWe strive to build a diverse company full of inclusive, fun, hard-working people who treat their colleagues exceptionally well. We look for the kind of people who are dedicated to going above and beyond and will build up the team as a whole by helping each team member achieve their own individual goals.Spare is for the creative, the personal, the passionate, the uncompromising, and those who want to truly understand the impact transportation has on daily life. We’re still at the beginning of our story, and every team member has a key role in where we are headed.Spare Labs is an equal opportunity employer. All applicants will be considered for employment without attention to race, colour, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, or disability status.

Ionomr Innovations
Ionomr Innovations ionomr.com

Ionomr Innovations Inc., is an award-winning start-up company head-quartered in Vancouver. Ionomr is developing and producing a revolutionary Hydrocarbon Ion Exchange material needed to enable an energy future based upon Hydrogen. Our advanced material solutions unlock the future of the Hydrogen economy by providing the underlying technology necessary to drive cost effective Electrochemical systems that ensure a plentiful, sustainable, renewable, and Carbon Free source of energy. Our company has received a variety of industry acknowledgements to date including being recently selected by the World Economic Forum to it’s 100 most promising global “Technology Pioneers” list for 2021. Selected by Royal Dutch Shell and NREL for inclusion in their 2021 GCxN program which is focused on supporting companies that are developing tech solutions to enable the transition away from fossil fuels. Other recognitions, include being awarded the 2020 F-Cell “Top Products and Markets Award”, the 2020 Energy Tech Summit New Energy Challengers “Top Hydrogen Start-Up” Award and the 2020 Chinese Society of Automotive Engineers “Global Cutting Edge & Innovation” Award. 

Global Relay
Global Relay www.globalrelay.com

Every day, your employees use communication platforms like email to talk to colleagues, customers, and counterparties. These platforms distribute critical information and keep your organization running efficiently. But they also produce a flood of data that can strain the resources of your IT and business teams.We help organizations manage and control their communications data. Whether you want to meet regulatory requirements, streamline your eDiscovery process, or improve employee productivity, we can help you achieve your goals. Our services provide all employees with the tools and data they need - helping them make decisions and your organization stay competitive.

Bioform www.shapingsustainability.com

BIOFORMMECHANICAL DESIGN ENGINEERAbout Bioform:Bioform is an early-stage manufacturing company of novel commercial-scale extrusion printing technologies. Our platform creates home compostable bio-plastics derived from seaweed and cellulose fiber to replace single-use petroleum plastics. We are participating in the e@UBC HATCH and Creative Destruction Labs accelerator programs. Bioform has excellent backing from its investors and is positioned to grow.Founded at the University of British Columbia after years of fundamental research, the team is looking to rapidly expand production to provide a much-needed solution to fossil-fuel-based plastics. Bioform is seeking people that are focused on sustainability, innovation, excellence, respect, and open-mindedness in whatever job you are working on.The Role:Bioform is looking for an experienced Design Engineer to join our growing team. The candidate will be responsible for aiding in the execution of our bio-film commercial demonstration facility. This includes the development and deployment of fluid dynamical systems that include mechanical design and process control. The right candidate will be responsible for assisting in the design, construction, and execution of the demonstration facility. Data collection and analysis is encouraged to optimize performance and mechanical design.Primary Responsibilities:Support the design of mechanical systems that include: mechanical components, material selection, structural design, process systems, fluid management, and mechanical layoutDesign and tune control systems to maintain production capacitiesPerform fluid analyses and recommend corrective measuresAssist in data analysisTroubleshoot under-performancesDevelop and maintain detailed 3D CAD specifications, drawings, and assembliesIdentify and interact with 3rd party suppliers of mechanical systems and componentsProject management from inception to completion for large and small projectsMentors and/or supervises growing engineering teamPresent technical concepts and designs to the executive teamQualifications, Skills, and Experience:Degree in mechanical engineering, engineering physics, or a related field with at least 4-6 years of directly related experienceExperience in product development settingsUnderstand the fundamentals of structural design, thermodynamics, heat transfer, reacting systems, and fluid mechanicsExperience with fabrication processes, assembly processes, and selection of general mechanical componentsDemonstrate excellent analytical and problem-solving skillsProven ability to work within a time schedule while committing to deliverablesAbility to work independently while making sound decisions that focus on the goalStrong attention to detail with excellent written and oral communication skillsStrong teamwork and interpersonal skillsExtensive experience in platforms including, but not limited to, MATLAB, LabView, Python, AutoCAD, and SolidWorksBioform is dedicated to helping its employees grow and develop technical and soft skills in an innovative and collaborative environment. Bioform is an equal opportunity employer that recognizes the value of a diverse workforce. All suitably qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment on the basis of objective criteria and without regard to the following (which is a non-exhaustive list): race, color, age, religion, gender, national origin, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity, protected veteran status, or other characteristics in accordance with the relevant governing laws.We thank all applicants in advance for their interest; however, only those selected for an interview will be contacted.