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Microserve www.microserve.ca

Technology is empowering. It helps us accomplish more with fewer resources. We can use it to maintain high-quality work, even at breakneck speeds, or to achieve things we haven’t imagined yet. And it connects us, allowing us to stay in contact anytime, anywhere.At Microserve, we use technology to empower our clients to succeed. That means delivering the kind of IT support and consultation that helps turn your goals into reality.Microserve is headquartered in Burnaby, BC, with offices in Victoria, Calgary, Edmonton and Halifax. Founded in 1987, we support the IT needs of businesses and organizations across industries throughout British Columbia, Alberta and Atlantic Canada, with clients ranging from mid-sized operations to enterprise-level organizations. We partner with each of our clients, regardless of size, to provide custom, responsive IT support and solutions that propel our clients toward their goals.We genuinely believe we’re the best choice for IT support in Canada.

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House of Kibaa
House of Kibaa houseofkibaa.com

Hi, our name is House of KibaaWe are a new generation of content creators that are designing for the future. We are merging our expertise in 3D assets and tokenization, blockchain-based NFT tech, and our very own expansive metaverse, Project Origin. We are here to create 3D assets as well as to partner, collaborate, and/or consult with other innovative studios and brands. We are aiming high and want to be the leader for 3D and NFT-based products. We are a diverse global team with an office in Vancouver, and team members around the world.Don’t get what the “future” is yet? That’s okay! We are patient and you will learn. Take the leap and join this future adventure with us. You never know…

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BC Public Service
BC Public Service www.gov.bc.ca

The BC Public Service is comprised of over 31,000 employees in more than 200 different job types working across 280 communities within the province to deliver services to more than four million British Columbians every day. The BC Public Service offers a range of careers and the opportunity to engage in rewarding, innovative work driven by purpose and responsibility to the citizens of British Columbia.  

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Ntirety www.ntirety.com

Ntirety is a leader in delivering secure managed hybrid and multi-cloud solutions to more than 2,500 enterprise customers around the globe. With over 500 top technical certifications in managing compliant, mission-critical workloads, Ntirety delivers highly secure and always available solutions, enabling your business to shift from managing operational risk to creating a future-ready, agile enterprise.

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Delta Controls
Delta Controls deltacontrols.com

About Delta Controls Inc.Delta Controls is the benchmark for building controls manufacturers, being one of the most respected organizations in our industry, with more than 300 Partners/Distributors in over 80 countries. For more than three decades Delta Controls has offered innovative and exciting building automation solutions for commercial, healthcare, education, leisure buildings and more. As industry leaders, our track record includes delivering the world’s first fully integrated native BACnet building solution encompassing HVAC, lighting and access control products.As part of Delta Electronics Inc., the global leader in switching power supply solutions and DC brushless fans and an $8+ billion USD organization, Delta Controls is able to bring some of the most energy efficient and sustainable solutions to buildings around the world, working together toward our shared vision of developing technologies aimed at reducing global warming and ensuring a sustainable future for mankind. Delta Electronics products are the most energy efficient power products in the industry and include a comprehensive range of energy management solutions in Industrial Automation, Telecom Power, UPS and Data Center Infrastructure, Automotive Electronics and Energy Storage Systems.Why work for us? We provide fantastic opportunities to individuals passionate about business and technology. Delta Electronics products are the most energy efficient power products in the industry and our company is perfect for those who want to create, design and build sustainable solutions using massively scalable, big-data architecture, with a strong focus on building automation. Here are some of the Delta perks you’ll receive from day 1!Employee & safety centric culture with the possibility of remote workFlexible hours and scheduling availableCompetitive total compensation along with generous vacation allowancesThree weeks of vacationIn-house & external training provided along with education support and opportunities for growthCompany funded annual personal development budgetFinancial benefits & planning such as group RRSP & company matchEmployer paid premiums for extended healthcare and family-focused benefits (health, vision and dental)Travel insurance coverage and access to the Employee Assistance Program (EAP)Wellness - onsite fitness center & company reimbursement for personal gym membershipsInternal Recognition & Service AwardsEmployee Referral bonusesTransit accessible with free onsite parkingRegular company events such as "Food Truck Fridays", Lunch & Learn and other planned activities

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Strive Gaming
Strive Gaming www.strivegaming.com

The first iGaming platform business specifically set up to satisfy the modern, multi-state requirements of US operators and be ready for any future regulatory developments in Canada.

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Terramera www.terramera.com

Terramera is an AgTech company transforming how we grow food and the economics of agriculture by simulating complex systems and the interactions of molecules and taking learnings from and to the field. The company provides solutions to the agricultural industry to reduce the use of synthetic pesticides, increase crop resiliency, predictability and quality, support regenerative agronomy and measure the carbon sequestered through regenerative agriculture. Terramera is headquartered in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, with integrated operations that include research labs, automated plant growth facilities and a robotics workshop, and has more than 200 patents in its IP portfolio. Our success begins with our people. We’re looking for A-Players who are passionate about making a difference as we are and thrive in environments that are dynamic, challenging and rewarding. Join our movement, as we set a new standard and change the world together as a highly dedicated, innovative, future-focused and solutions-oriented team. 

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Prenuvo www.prenuvo.com

Prenuvo is a fast growing health tech company specializing in whole body diagnostic imaging.In an era of reactive and fragmented health screening, Prenuvo is rooted in early detection through cutting-edge imaging technology. Our technology brings together comprehensive scans, AI-augmented analysis, and protocols that have been honed over years of research and practice. Together, Prenuvo’s scans offer unparalleled diagnostic accuracy for you and your doctor.We empower people to make informed decisions about their health by putting comprehensive, consistent, and detailed scans in your hands. Simply put, we offer you a window into your own body.Prenuvo is one of the first scans to use artificial intelligence to build consistent, reliable, and standardized reports for the radiologists interpreting your scans.We provide faster, easier access to the clinically-significant insights needed to make more informed health decisions. We do it to help people live longer, better, healthier lives. A more comprehensive picture of your body enables you to feel empowered and advocate for yourself.

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GetintheLoop getintheloop.ca

GetintheLoop is the world's most advanced mobile offers platform.We connect consumers with amazing local businesses, using the latest technology. We provide any business with an easy and effective way to attract and retain engaged local consumers. Our mobile app makes it easy for consumers to discover ways to shop local and get rewarded. Our franchise model enables entrepreneurs to create and own a profitable digital shop-local community.Since 2017, we have grown to nearly 100 franchises, are being used by thousands of national and local businesses and our app has been downloaded by hundreds of thousands of consumers across Canada.If you are the right person to help us connect businesses and consumers, get in touch!

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Aspect Biosystems
Aspect Biosystems aspectbiosystems.com

Aspect Biosystems is a Canadian biotechnology company combining the power of microfluidics and 3D bioprinting to create bioprinted therapeutics. Our bold team of innovators and entrepreneurs have joined us from all over the globe to move the needle on 3D bioprinting and work towards a future where our technology is used to save lives and make people healthier.We are endlessly curious and wildly passionate about what we do. Our team is always excited to learn and roll up our sleeves to make a difference in the ever-changing world of biotech. We believe that every person on our team is a key contributor to our success. If you are committed to make a real impact and accelerate the development of biotechnology, we want to hear from you!

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bioLytical Laboratories Inc.
bioLytical Laboratories Inc. biolytical.com

Creating New Opportunities to Test.bioLytical® Laboratories Inc. based in Richmond, BC, Canada is a privately-owned Canadian Company federally incorporated in 2002. bioLytical empowers clinicians and the public to make informed health decisions, faster. Combining made-in-Canada quality with a global focus, bioLytical is a leader in the field of rapid in vitro medical diagnostics.Its range of one-minute INSTI® tests provide instant, accurate results for infectious diseases including COVID-19, HIV, Hepatitis C (HCV) and Syphilis among others.

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Victory Square Digital Health
Victory Square Digital Health vsdigitalhealth.com

VS Digital Health is 360‐degree healthcare, offering smart, connected devices, at‐home diagnostic tests, personalized digital guidance and monitoring, 24/7/365 access to healthcare professionals, and prescription delivery. The company is affiliated with a national network of professional corporations (PCs). These affiliated medical practices contract with licensed medical providers and exert full and exclusive control over the professional clinical services rendered by the providers. In turn, VS Digital Health provides administrative and management services and technology solutions to these affiliated PCs. Divisions within VS Digital HealthIV Hydreight Inc.—IV Hydreight provides immediate wellness through its mobile platform and core team of professionally trained service providers. Hydreight’s unique, custom built, proprietary telemedicine service allows users to book confidential health and wellness and/or medical services at their home, hotel, office, or wherever they might need discreet assistance with the same ease and convenience as booking a ride or ordering food delivery. Hydreight has a 503B pharmacy license under the United States Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act and is a U.S. certified e‐script and telemedicine provider, allowing it to provide services in all 50 states. In addition to providing telehealth services, Hydreight’s other products include intravenous drips, Botox, and other medical and medispa treatments for a variety of conditions, including dehydration, anti‐aging, and more. DiscreetCare—Within the umbrella of VS Digital Health, DiscreetCare.com is a one‐stop provider for what many consider ‘delicate’ medical issues. The DiscreetCare app gives users access to testing, treatment, and prescriptive medicinal remedies—all from the convenience and privacy of a mobile device.

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Medfar Clinical Solutions
Medfar Clinical Solutions www.medfarsolutions.com

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Craver Solutions
Craver Solutions craverapp.com

Craver is a mobile app platform for restaurants, pizzerias, coffee shops, sushi bars and much more. With our easy to use and flexible platform, you can design, customize and launch an app for your restaurant- fast and easy.

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2S Water Incorporated
2S Water Incorporated www.2swater.com

Our goal at 2S Water is to protect the worlds water with real-time data. Our company is building advanced, automated water sensors for water treatment, lithium brine analysis and industrial process control. Our core product, the AquaValid sensor, uses plasma emission spectroscopy to quantify elemental contamination such as heavy metals in water. We are currently working with mining companies to ensure their water treatment is working correctly and give early warning of any events that could lead to contaminated water being released.

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Coast Mountain College
Coast Mountain College www.coastmountaincollege.ca

An accredited college tucked away in the coastal mountains of spectacular British Columbia, Coast Mountain College provides our communities with innovative programs and experiential, place-based education.Coast Mountain College is connected to place—to rich cultures, rugged landscapes and breathtaking vistas. It is where lifestyle and learning go hand in hand. And experiential learning brings theory to life.At Coast Mountain College, our core values are guiding principles to help us make decisions and determine priorities in our day-to-day work.ADVENTUREWe explore and take risks to engage in learning.We live adventure when we:Explore new ways to move courses into the fieldHelp people on their journeys to new careersSeek out and implement new approaches and pedagogySeek new ways to engage existing and potential partners in educationMake education accessible, regardless of geographic challengesTRANSFORMATIONWe enrich lives through learning.We live transformation when we:Include experiential learning in our programmingTransform learning spaces to respond to the evolving educational landscapeHelp people improve their lives, families, and communities through educationHelp people to discover new career opportunitiesRecognize how alumni have transformed their livesTake education to our communitiesEmbed education in a cultural contextINTEGRITYWe are respectful, transparent, accountable, and inclusive.We live integrity when we:Do the right things – even if they are not always popularCommunicate our intentions with clarityAre consistent and accountable in everything we doDiscuss our plans openlyStick to our course decisionsPractice social, environmental, and financial sustainabilityOur Core PurposeWe create adventurous pathways to transform lives.

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Fulfil.io www.fulfil.io

Fulfil.io helps high growth, high volume merchants simplify operations and scale for growth. With the rise in omni-channel commerce, Fulfil was founded with the simple idea that merchant operations need to be simplified in order to deliver amazing retail experiences.Fulfil enables businesses to turn their back office operations into an accelerator for growth by integrating order management, inventory management, warehouse management, vendor/supplier management, wholesale, manufacturing, financials and customer service, into one seamless solution. We believe merchants should love their operations platform, and we work hard to make that happen every single day. Fulfil.io is a trusted solution for brands like EndySleep, Mejuri, Lie-Nielson Toolworks, and many more.

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Canalyst canalyst.com

Canalyst is the leading destination for public company data and analysis. The company’s SaaS platform provides instant access to the cleanest, richest, best structured fundamental data and models on global public companies. Hundreds of firms across financial services and corporate markets globally rely on Canalyst to drive efficiency across their teams and to ground their financial analysis on sound fundamental data. Founded in 2015, Canalyst has offices in New York and Vancouver, with remote teams working across the globe.

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Ensemble Systems
Ensemble Systems www.ensemble.com

Since 1995, Ensemble has been providing custom technology solutions to our customers, with the goal of helping them deliver incredible digital experiences to their customers. We have built such strong relationships with our customers over the years that the majority of our business now comes from repeat business and referrals — and we couldn’t be happier about that.Regardless of who we work with, or what we are working on, our success relies on three important factors: our customers, our people, and our process.With teams in Europe and North America, Ensemble operates on a global scale providing solutions and support to some of the largest brands around the world.

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Commit commit.dev

Commit is the remote-first developer community where startup engineers get paid to find their next career opportunity, all while skipping the traditional tech interview. We do what's right for the engineer!

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Dyspatch www.dyspatch.io

We help leading brands craft exceptional email experiences. Our team is built on creativity, communication, and community. We’re passionate innovators who take care of our customers — and each other.

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Morguard www.morguard.com

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ITConnect Business Solutions
ITConnect Business Solutions it-connect.ca

ITConnect is a premier provider of enterprise-class IT design, consulting, and assessment services. We specialize in providing effective IT managed solutions that reduce the total cost of ownership of client network environments while enhancing systems reliability and productivity.

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Hillberg & Berk
Hillberg & Berk www.hillbergandberk.com

Hillberg & Berk is a privately held, purpose-driven, Canadian company. We positively impact women’s empowerment through the success of our products and our brand. Our purpose guides every facet of our business model—from design, to manufacturing, to the distribution of quality jewellery and accessories.This is Us: For women, by women. We are here because of women: Rachel, the woman who started Hillberg & Berk at her kitchen table, the team of women we’ve grown into and the community of women who support us. Our jewellery is emblematic of the boldness and brilliance every woman already possesses within herself. Our business is centered around connecting and empowering women. In everything we do, the reason is women.When a woman rises, we all rise. The most powerful thing a woman can be is herself. She writes the definition. Daring. Passionate. Joyful. Determined. There’s never just one way to be. A woman owning her colours and contrasts is magnetic. It inspires, it travels, it builds. Tapping into it, channeling it to raise up others, that’s how we change the world.  Our Culture: Our collaborative environment is focused on employee empowerment, teamwork, and our mission to empower women.Our Values: The most powerful thing a woman can be is herself. She writes the definition. Daring. Passionate. Joyful. Determined. There's never just one way to be. A woman owning her colours and contrasts is magnetic. It inspires, it travels, it builds. Tapping into it, channelling it to raise up others, that's how we change the world.Our Benefits: Our benefits include comprehensive health coverage, health spending account, professional development opportunities, and special jewellery pricing and short term incentives. Oh, and you get your birthday off, too."For you, we create beautiful jewellery. With you, we create beautiful change." -Rachel Mielke, Founder & CEO